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Designwerk is an independent, full service creative agency with offices in the UK and USA. They have worked with some of the world's most iconic brands – European Tour, Amazon Prime Video, Heineken Champions Cup, Chelsea FC, and many more. In 2021, I developed and launched their revamped WordPress website.

The new website contains animations and interactive features to reflect Designwerk's dynamic and creative spirit. I also configured the WordPress CMS to be flexible for the Designwerk team to custom build case study pages and showcase their work in the best light. Website design by Faye Johnson.

Designwerk website team

The Open Caseback

Design Development Content Editor

The Open Caseback is a blog exploring the watch industry, watch culture, and its communities. In 2020, I redesigned and developed a new website, migrating from Squaresapce to a custom WordPress. As an ongoing project, I help manage the content as an editor and designer.

Where most (if not all) watch blogs and media are product-centric and image-heavy, The Open Caseback goes against the grain and produces text-only content. This provided a unique design challenge. I needed to strike a balance between the site’s character (bold and unconventional) with its function (good readability).


The Open Caseback Website Before


The Open Caseback Website After


Design Development Content Editor

SUB TO THIS is a personal project born from my passion for great content and inspired by Oak Park Studio's Very Good Films. I love that many independent publishers and writers are now taking ownership of their content and audiences with the newsletter model of distribution. My hope is that SUB TO THIS will make finding great content easier. As an ongoing project, I maintain and curate the site.

The key challenge here was to turn something quite simple (browsing newsletters) into something more fun and memorable. I added features to help make the site experience personalized and interactive (i.e. category filters, layout toggle, dark mode). I plan on adding more features as the list grows, such as content search.


The June Book

Design Development

The June Book is a community brought together by their love for food and disdain for secrecy. Created in memory of Grandma June, The June Book is a collection of secret recipes and a reminder to cherish every great meal with family and friends.

For The June Book, the challenge was to breathe new life into family history and cooking tradition – something that is typically stuffy and old school – while highlighting key call-to-actions: recipe submission and follow on social media. For the design, we turned to street graffiti for inspiration, a medium that is closely assiociated with rebels and free expression. For development, I created a custom WordPress site that allowed the client to easily update and maintain content.

Landing Page Live; Full Site Coming Soon!

The June Book Website

Christian Klings

Design Development

Christian Klings is an independent watchmaker crafting mechanical timepieces with traditional tools and techniques. Klings needed a new website that not only showcased his beautiful work, but also mobile-friendly for the modern watch collector.

The first hurdle was to create a more user-friendly navigation that made browsing more enjoyable, while also highlighting the contact page to drive more enquiries. For the design, I took inspiration from Klings’ own work, balancing traditional typography and colour schemes with a more modern website layout. The website was developed with WordPress as the CMS.


Christian Klings Website Before


Christian Klings Website After